Building CI/CD Systems Using Tekton: Develop flexible and powerful CI/CD pipelines using Tekton Pipelines and Triggers [ENG, 2021]

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Section 2: Tekton Building Blocks

The following chapters are included in this section:

Chapter 3. Installation and Getting Started
Chapter 4. Stepping into Tasks
Chapter 5. Jumping into Pipelines
Chapter 6. Debugging and Cleaning Up Pipelines and TasksChapter 7. Sharing Data with WorkspacesChapter 8. Adding when ExpressionsChapter 9. Securing Authentication

Section 3: Tekton Triggers

Chapter 10. Getting Started with TriggersChapter 11. Triggering Tekton

Section 4: Putting It All Together

Chapter 12. Preparing for a New PipelineChapter 13. Building a Deployment Pipeline