[Book][Joel Lord] Building CI/CD Systems Using Tekton: Develop flexible and powerful CI/CD pipelines using Tekton Pipelines and Triggers [ENG, 2021]

Building CI/CD Systems Using Tekton

ISBN: 978-1801078214 | 278 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 10 MB

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Section 2: Tekton Building Blocks

[OK!] Chapter 3. Installation and Getting Started

[OK!] Chapter 4. Stepping into Tasks

[OK!] Chapter 5. Jumping into Pipelines

[OK!] Chapter 6. Debugging and Cleaning Up Pipelines and Tasks

[OK!] Chapter 7. Sharing Data with Workspaces

[OK!] Chapter 8. Adding when Expressions

[OK!] Chapter 9. Securing Authentication

Section 3: Tekton Triggers

[OK!] Chapter 10. Getting Started with Triggers

[OK!] Chapter 11. Triggering Tekton

Section 4: Putting It All Together

[OK!] Chapter 12. Preparing for a New Pipeline

[OK!] Chapter 13. Building a Deployment Pipeline