Cloud SQL

// create a Cloud SQL instance
$ gcloud sql instances create flights \
--tier=db-n1-standard-1 --activation-policy=ALWAYS

$ gcloud sql users set-password root --host % --instance flights \
--password Passw0rd

// Now create an environment variable with the IP address of the Cloud Shell:
$ export ADDRESS=$(wget -qO -

// Whitelist the Cloud Shell instance for management access to your SQL instance.
$ gcloud sql instances patch flights --authorized-networks $ADDRESS

// Get the IP address of your Cloud SQL instance
$ MYSQLIP=$(gcloud sql instances describe \
flights --format="value(ipAddresses.ipAddress)")

$ echo $MYSQLIP

// Create the flights table using the create_table.sql file.
$ mysql --host=$MYSQLIP --user=root \
      --password --verbose < create_table.sql

$ git clone \

$ cd data-science-on-gcp/03_sqlstudio

// Connect to the mysql command line interface:
$ mysql --host=$MYSQLIP --user=root  --password

use bts;
describe flights;

select DISTINCT(FL_DATE) from flights;


Add data to Cloud SQL instance

$ counter=0
$ for FILE in 201501.csv 201502.csv; do
  gsutil cp gs://$BUCKET/flights/raw/$FILE \

$ mysqlimport --local --host=$MYSQLIP --user=root --password \
--ignore-lines=1 --fields-terminated-by=',' bts flights.csv-*

$ mysql --host=$MYSQLIP --user=root  --password

Build the initial data model

use bts;
select DISTINCT(FL_DATE) from flights;