Получить информацию о запущенных Docker контейнерах c помощью sysdig


# curl -s https://s3.amazonaws.com/download.draios.com/stable/install-sysdig | sudo bash

# sysdig -cl

Category: Application
httplog         HTTP requests log
httptop         Top HTTP requests
memcachelog     memcached requests log

Category: CPU Usage
spectrogram     Visualize OS latency in real time.
subsecoffset    Visualize subsecond offset execution time.
                Top containers by CPU usage
topprocs_cpu    Top processes by CPU usage

Category: Errors
                Top containers by number of errors
topfiles_errors Top files by number of errors
topprocs_errors top processes by number of errors

Category: I/O
echo_fds        Print the data read and written by processes.
fdbytes_by      I/O bytes, aggregated by an arbitrary filter field
fdcount_by      FD count, aggregated by an arbitrary filter field
fdtime_by       FD time group by
iobytes         Sum of I/O bytes on any type of FD
iobytes_file    Sum of file I/O bytes
spy_file        Echo any read/write made by any process to all files. Optionall
                y, you can provide the name of one file to only intercept reads
                /writes to that file.
stderr          Print stderr of processes
stdin           Print stdin of processes
stdout          Print stdout of processes
                Top containers by R+W disk bytes
topfiles_bytes  Top files by R+W bytes
topfiles_time   Top files by time
topprocs_file   Top processes by R+W disk bytes
                Print the data read and written by processes.

Category: Logs
spy_logs        Echo any write made by any process to a log file. Optionally, e
                xport the events around each log message to file.
spy_syslog      Print every message written to syslog. Optionally, export the e
                vents around each syslog message to file.

Category: Misc
around          Export to file the events around the where the given filter mat

Category: Net
iobytes_net     Show total network I/O bytes
spy_ip          Show the data exchanged with the given IP address
spy_port        Show the data exchanged using the given IP port number
topconns        Top network connections by total bytes
                Top containers by network I/O
topports_server Top TCP/UDP server ports by R+W bytes
topprocs_net    Top processes by network I/O

Category: Performance
bottlenecks     Slowest system calls
fileslower      Trace slow file I/O
flame           Sysdig trace flame graph builder
netlower        Trace slow network I/0
proc_exec_time  Show process execution time
scallslower     Trace slow syscalls
topscalls       Top system calls by number of calls
topscalls_time  Top system calls by time

Category: Security
                List the login shell IDs
                print shellshock attacks
spy_users       Display interactive user activity

Category: System State
lscontainers    List the running containers
lsof            List (and optionally filter) the open file descriptors.
netstat         List (and optionally filter) network connections.
ps              List (and optionally filter) the machine processes.

Use the -i flag to get detailed information about a specific chisel

# sysdig -pc -c lscontainers
container.type container.image container.name      container.id
-------------- --------------- ------------------- ------------
docker         debian          fervent_hoover      ab4082d2b4fc

# sysdig -c topcontainers_cpu
# sysdig -pc -c topcontainers_cpu
# sysdig -pc -c topprocs_net

# sysdig -pc -c topprocs_cpu
# sysdig -pc -c topprocs_cpu container.name contains myapp # вместо myapp общее название для нескольких контейнеров