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[NewLine] TinyHouse: A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL [ENG, 2020]

[Stephen Grider] Microservices with Node JS and React [ENG, 2021]

[Brad Traversy] MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js [ENG, 2019]


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Free GitOps Workshop with Weave GitOps Core

Intro to Kubernetes and GitOps + Free GitOps Workshop!

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Introduction to Service monitors for beginners | Kubernetes monitoring

Creating Serverless CI/CD on Kubernetes using GitOps by Avik Kundu

Поднимаем динамические стенды с помощью GitOps

Kubernetes Notifications, Troubleshooting, And Automation With Robusta

Kubernetes Security Best Practices you need to know | THE Guide for securing your K8s cluster!

How to deploy Vault for Kubernetes in 2022 and inject secrets

GitOps with GitHub Actions & Flux with Kingdon Barrett