Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold: Simplify the development and deployment of cloud-native Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes with Skaffold [ENG, 2021]

English 2021 ISBN: 978-1801077118 272 Pages PDF, EPUB 20 MB



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Section 1: The Kubernetes Nightmare – Skaffold to the Rescue

Section 2: Getting Started with Skaffold

Section 3: Building and Deploying Cloud-Native Spring Boot Applications with Skaffold

  • Chapter 7. Building and Deploying a Spring Boot Application with the Cloud Code Plugin
  • Chapter 8. Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Google Kubernetes Engine Using Skaffold
  • Chapter 9. Creating a Production-Ready CI/CD Pipeline with Skaffold
  • Chapter 10. Exploring Skaffold Alternatives, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

Chapter 7

$ cd ~/tmp/Effortless-Cloud-Native-App-Development-Using-Skaffold/Chapter07/
$ ./mvnw package
$ skaffold dev

$ skaffold dev
Listing files to watch...
 - breathe
Generating tags...
 - breathe -> breathe:4c4f2c8-dirty
Checking cache...
 - breathe: Found Locally
Tags used in deployment:
 - breathe -> breathe:dfadbcd7482c04d0eda01131ebb1b2e32132d8b3256aae76b63bef1c17545eb8
Starting deploy...
 - service/scanner created
 - deployment.apps/scanner created
 - ingress.networking.k8s.io/scanner created
Waiting for deployments to stabilize...
 - deployment/scanner: creating container scanner
    - pod/scanner-57869fc7cb-2sd97: creating container scanner
    - pod/scanner-57869fc7cb-l5jgx: container scanner is waiting to start: a3333333/scanner:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT can't be pulled
 - deployment/scanner failed. Error: creating container scanner.
Cleaning up...
 - service "scanner" deleted
 - deployment.apps "scanner" deleted
 - ingress.networking.k8s.io "scanner" deleted
1/1 deployment(s) failed

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